Saturday, October 9, 2010

Series 04 - Episode 2

Episode 02, Part 1; in which Ed and Greg welcome back guest host Miss Barbara for a second triumphant appearance; we discuss our dinner at Havana Cafe in lovely downtown North Attleboro; Ed pimps the Knobcast Facebook page, which then segues into an amusing and edifying discussion about Facebook and Facebook-related topics; and we finish off the half discussing how getting soused is nothing new under the sun. Have a Bacardi cocktail before coming back to part 2! (34:50 min.)

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Part 2; in which we pay some bills; Ed and Barbara mock Greg's love of Miss Liddell; we discuss the hit television show An Idiot Abroad, the delights of Knob Yoga, and cultural differences in food and toiletry; Ed is once again amazed by human greed and stupidity; and we close out by discussing things like history, whether the homogenization of Europe is good or bad, and who's tougher: the Swedes or the Danes (more interesting than you'd think!).
(39:10 min.)

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1 comment:

March to the Sea said...

Welcome back Barbara..good to hear a fresh voice and perspective.

You can talk about food..I like food.

Internet use - speaking from experience.the big green M IS cracking down...

Facebook - take it for what it is. One of the first persons I connected with on facebook was a guy I went to high school with. he left town seemingly the afternoon we graduated and this was before email/cell phones etc. I had no idea where he went. We shared a lot of the same tastes etc so it was excellent to catch up with him. As long as you take posting, rants etc with a grain of salt its all good. As noted some will choose to never use it and that is fine. Keeping up with TV or goings on..that I love about it..I am with you Greg. Also, with you on the religion posts. When people quote scripture I gag. I am all for worshiping what you like, but it just makes me groan.

For some reason my nads hurt...

Japan has no cheese? I'll never go ever...nuff said.

Nice nod to XTC near the end.