Saturday, December 11, 2010

Series 04 - Episode 06

Episode 06, Part 1; in which Ed and Greg welcome back Featured Knobette Miss Barbara for a sixth triumphant appearance in a very special Christmas episode, the last one of this series; we discuss our varying levels of holiday spirit, including topics like trees and gift-giving and commercialization; we then segue into a discussion about how being a kid is so different now than back in the old day; Ed and Barbara attack Greg for liking elitist Lute music; New Year's and Valentine's holidays get savaged; and we close out with a fascinating discussion about micro-farming in one's back yard. (41:26 min.)

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Part 2; a not very Christmas-y half in which we discuss some alternative ideas to solving the world's big problems; Ed rants against people who don't watch TV; Greg spawns a discussion by asking what is the biggest problem facing humanity right now -- North Korea? No. Oil reserves? No. Water? No. Climate Change? No. Religion? No. Obesity? No. American Idol? No... tune in to find out the answer; we then get back to discussing food and community farming topics; and we radio stars finally sign off for the year, say goodbye, and wish all our multitudinous fans a very happy holiday season. Stop by next year in September 2011 for Series Five.
(48:59 min.)

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