Sunday, October 31, 2010

Series 04 - Episode 03

Episode 03, Part 1; in which Ed and Greg welcome back guest host Miss Barbara for a third triumphant appearance; we discuss all things Hallowe'en-related, like: What day should Halloween be celebrated?; Are there spirits and ghosts and paranormal events, or is there always a scientific explanation?; Would you want your house to be haunted if the ghosts did your housework?; and we discuss a little bit the historical and religious origins of Halloween. (33:05 min.)

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Part 2; in which talk a bit about our delicious lunch at Rasoi in lovely downtown Pawtucket; the nature, and ramifications, of using the "C" word; Larry David's Beloved "Aunt"; and we close out with a discussion of the things that really scare us, from films to more "real" possible events.
(39:56 min.)

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March to the Sea said...

Per the norm I'll go in order.

- Clark bar? Really Ed..what is this 1944? 5th we are talkin!

- The Brownies - If I recall the stories correctly its an elderly couple that are cobblers or toy makers and they have little or no money or business. They are down to their last scrap of bread and they see a few birds outside their window in the freezing cold wind/snow. The old man takes a large chunk and throws it outside to feed the birds and once he and his wife go to bed the birds turn to "elves" of some sort and either make shoes or toys (depending on the version) and when the old man/woman wake up the next day their shop is filled with fine goods and they can sell and in turn buy food.

- Horror films
The human centipede is going to be available for instant streaming..and I heard a part 2 is in the works.

I'll never forget walking through my living room and seeing a news show doing a review of the Exorcist and them showing her bouncing on the bed.. The film came out in 1973 but I highly doubt I recall just seeing it in passing, but I can recall seeing it..maybe they were doing a story on it. The very first Halloween is perhaps my all time favorite horror/thriller. Its just crazy good..the body count in this film...FIVE. FIVE thats it. No blood either. It freaks the every living shit out of me still..and I love it.

Paranormal Activity is sorta creepy as well. Campy like barbara said, but still has its moments. The alternate ending is pretty good. I sorta liked the idea of Blair Witch..which many dislike..but when it first came out and the way it was marketed...just awesome.

TV38 was called "The Movie Loft" and was hosted by Dana Hersey and yes..there is a face book fan well as a fan page for "Creature Double Feature"