Saturday, November 6, 2010

Series 04 - Episode 04

Episode 04, Part 1; in which Ed and Greg welcome back guest host Miss Barbara for a fourth triumphant appearance; we give a couple shout outs to March and KP; we struggle a bit finding topic ideas, and then devote the rest of the 1/2 to discussing music and music-related topics, with Barbara defeating Ed argument-wise 1 - 0. (36:20 min.)

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Part 2; in which after paying some bills, Greg begins recording for a few minutes unbeknownst to Ed and Barbara: the content is slightly risque to say the least; we discuss the violence vs. sex debate a bit; Ed plays volleyball in Speedos; Barbara dates Karl Pilkington; Greg clams up; Ed finds a special treat in his doughnut; Greg clams up again; and we finish up talking about sex and violence again.
(43:48 min.)

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Bmac said...

followup re: awesome duet

they recorded this one month before bing died. the special was aired one month after bing died... had no idea..