What is Knobcast?
  • Knobcast is a high-quality, entertaining podcast, created by Andy, Ed and Greg in the summer of 2007. We attempt to blend humour, music and video whilst discussing any topics that might cross our minds.
What's the deal with Andy?
  • Andy took a couple of weeks vacation in the summer of 2010 at a lakeside resort in beautiful downtown Nova Scotia. Being an explorer in the great British tradition of Jim Corbett and others, he had planned to do some big-game hunting and fishing whilst there. Alas, he was savagely mauled and eaten by an enormous Black bear whilst laying his traps; by the time rescue had arrived all that was left of Andy was his well-gnawed left tibia, which we subsequently had cremated and the ashes spread on the ground of his beloved Smithfield, Rhode Island.
How do I listen to Knobcast?
  • Each Knobcast episode contains two methods for listening. One is an embedded stream that can be played directly in the webpage. The other method is a direct download link to the podcast file. Right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link As..." allows you to download the file directly to the folder of your choice for later listening at your leisure.
 What kind of beer do the Knobs enjoy?
  • Well, Ed is partial to that stout black gold, Guinness; whilst Greg prefers the more girly Mexican lagers like Tecate and Corona. Of course, as a general rule, you'd be hard-pressed to find them turning down any pint if offered free of charge by a lovely young admirer.
 What kind of food do the Knobs enjoy?
  • The Knobs enjoy a wide variety of ethnic foods. One night you might find them dining on Mexican burritos and arroz con pollo at Rancho Chico; another night on Irish Breakfasts, fish and chips, and bangers and mash at Ri Ra; another night on Lamb Vindaloo and garlic naan at Rasoi; and another night they might dine on fresh steamers at The Chieftan.
 What kind of women do the Knobs enjoy?
  • The Knobs enjoy a wide variety of ethnic diversity. We are partial, however, to Irish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Finnish and Icelandic stock. Hags from Mattapoisett need not apply.

How is Knobcast recorded?
  • For the technical minded, Knobcast is recorded via three microphones; a Neumann TLM-103, a Shure SM-57 and a Shure SM-58. Those feeds are then taken directly into a DELL workstation, and recorded and mixed down using a version of the multi-track recording software REAPER. The original wave file is then compressed into a 192 kb/s .mp3 file, and uploaded to be hosted at the Internet Archive under a non-commercial, non-derivative Creative Commons license. The resulting file is then embedded and made available for download at the Knobcast website.

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