Sunday, September 26, 2010

Series 04 - Episode 01

Episode 01, Part 1; in which features the triumphant return of 2/3 of the Knobs. In part 1 we discuss Andy's return to the Great Knob in the Sky; a new delicious Cuban restaurant discovered in lovely downtown No. Attleboro, The Havana Cafe; advertising and commercialization in network television; and we pay some bills. (27:50 min.)

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Part 2; in which we discuss moustaches and moustache-related products; the re-cycling of past popular culture; Greg falls in love with a ghost; photography of the past; Ed asks Would you want to live to 120?; and we wrap up with some hopes for the rest of the series.
(37:25 min.)

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Supplemental Media:

Alice Liddell (1852 - 1934):

Hedy Lamarr (1913 - 2000):

La Roux (1988 - ) - Bulletproof:

1 comment:

March to the Sea said...

Nice job prepping boys.

I think the Cafe should supply lunch to you each 'Cast.

Sorry to hear about the death of Andy.

TV - Agree. All we used Netflix for all summer was to "watch TV" and watching a 1hr show in 44 minutes or a 30 minute show in 22..its great....TV series should just go DIRECT to DVD or stream the day after they air. I guess Netflix has a deal with SNL for the "day after" streaming. Wonder how that will work. Ed makes a good point about how a commercial doesn't make you really go buy something. Like "soap" use what you use..what makes this soap so much better. Good points. Although like Greg said "To learn about new stuff" is helpful, but with the Internet/blogs and even face book how many times are you able to say "Ohh I've know about this for days/weeks".

Sausage dribble...hahah..

Regarding mustaches...just call them "Burger King Manager Mustaches" next time...all your listeners will totally understand.

Whenever a podcast name checks Huey Lewis and the News...GOLD JERRY...PURE GOLD.

I agree w/Ed on movies..A kid today wouldn't sit through the Breakfast Club..or many Hughes films for that matter..but these were just "essential" viewing for high schoolers in the 80's.