Sunday, November 8, 2009

Series 03 - Episode 04

Episode 04, Part 1
in which Ed and Greg welcome a guest co-host, long-time listener Miss Barbara; we discuss our dinner at Ri Ra in lovely downtown Providence; Greg poses the topic idea, Why do men fantasize about lesbian twin sisters?, which turns into a discussion about what women find appealing in men; and Greg and Ed resurrect their lounge act, a Foregone Conclusion cover band called Inconclusive Evidence, by performing the hit song Free Love Freeway. (28:53 min.)

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Part 2;
in which the Knobs (and Barbara), due to a dearth of topic ideas, are forced to turn to ideas from Greg: e.g., the way assholes behave at stoplights, and incest; we then discuss serial-killers and conjugal visits; Ed presents his latest Russian Love Spam segment; Barbara talks a little bit about the Knobcast recording experience and Knobcast studios; we briefly revisit lesbian sisters again, which devolves into a discussion on conjoined twins; we rap a bit about Mormons and polygamy and John Safran; and we close out the evening with Foregone Conclusion's studio version of Free Love Freeway. Go-nads! (47:40 min.)

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Supplemental Media:

[Lesbian Portia De Rossi]

[John Safran's Mormon rant]

[One view of Knobcast Studios]


Alice Cromweather said...

Juckets do exist! It's on the internet so it has to be true!

Originated from Jim Jucket's family who lived in Freetown, MA in the mid 1900s. These people were among the poorest folk in freetown. It is commonly used to refer to those who are dirt-poor and perform incest. Currently, Chase road is referred to as "Jucketville".

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