Sunday, October 25, 2009

Series 03 - Episode 03

Episode 03, Part 1
in which Ed and Greg attempt to record a 'cast, without their old mate Andy, by discussing their trip, earlier in the evening, to the Foxy Lady in lovely downtown Providence; a reprise of the Rancho Chico advert is played; and the latest segment of Russian Love Spam is presented. (27:40 min.)

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Part 2; in which we discuss plans for a possible Knobcast future without Andy; we discuss many things related to the famous rock band KISS; Greg performs his cover version of the famous Beatles song Blackbird; and we close with a fairly serious and philosophical discussion about
culture clash, our respective Argentine and Irish ethnic heritage, and the best way to go about being a tourist. (43:26 min.)

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Olga K, from the Russian Love Spam segment:

KISS in their heyday:


Anonymous said...

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divadsairf said...

Hey Guys,

That story about the douchebag yankee fan at the Foxy was hilarious. T&A always trumps sports. How dumb and out of touch can a dude be, the point of the Foxy is pay to see ladies with daddy issues not to jack off to the sight of A-Rod and Jeter on TV. Then again, they might have been regulars and are so used to going that it no longer is exciting. Just another day to them...kind of like when a man tunes out his wife of 20 years when he's watching a game at home. Probably should stay away from the Foxy on Yankee game nights since RI seems to house the highest concentration of yankee fans in NE that majored in douchebaggery (not all yankee fans are douches just the ones that drive IROCs).

Bmac said...

Hey Knobs -

Enjoyed this episode quite a bit. It moved along quickly. After giving the Yankee fan situation more thought, the more it irked me. I was taught a lesson in "exotic dancer club etiquette" last night. I was not actually in an "exotic dancer club", however. I was in an Irish pub - not even clsoe ;) But still, a valuable lesson if I ever go on a field trip.

Loved the travel discussion. I agree wholeheartedly that visiting family or friends in another culture is an awesome way to experience it. My trips to France, visiting former inlaws, were fantastic. I got to meet a lot of real French people, live in a French home, eat and drink the way real French people do.. Love it and I admit to loving France. Ny blood would boil when I would listen to people who have never set foot in France bash the French during the Freedom Fry Era... UGH.. but that's a whole other topic!!

Enjoyed Blackbird too. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would suggest adding a little musical number to every episode!

Respectfully Submitted,

Anonymous said...

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