Saturday, October 10, 2009

Series 03 - Episode 02

Episode 02, Part 1
; in which features the Knobs discussing their VIP experience at the Showcase Cinema De Lux at Patriot Place in lovely downtown Foxboro, Massachusetts; and Ed introduces a new Knobcast segment:
Russian Love Spam, which devolves into a discussion about Russian brides. (27:55 min.)

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Part 2; in which
Greg tries to get a discussion going about the Three Wishes game; Andy regales us with a story about a recent physical examination he had, which then devolves into a discussion about testicle fondling; Greg plays the unplugged version of the Knobcast themetune [see the Odds and Sods section for a standalone version]; Andy debuts the demo version of a song he wrote called Comin' Atcha [again, see the Odds and Sods section for a standalone version]; and we end with Andy making it mandatory for anyone listening to post a comment. (52:01 min.)

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divadsairf said...

I've been to the Lux Level at the Showcase in Randolph a few times. It's a nice idea for sure. Drinking Guinness while watching a movie is definitely a welcome change to typical crap you put with in the regular section.

Nice production quality on the songs. The songs were pretty good overall. It would be nice to get some electric guitar mixed in...gonads.

KP said...

After listening to this episode, my only question is, is Andy still playing his MMORPG's and if so what level is his paladin at?



Andy said...

KP, thank you(?) for your question. Since you asked, I'll be happy to provide you with a lengthy, boring response... I hadn't been playing any MMORPG's for the best part of a year, but a couple of weeks ago I picked up an independent one called Fallen Earth. It's set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. No paladins as it's not fantasy based. I can't devote much time to it these days but from what I've seen so far, I quite enjoy it.

bmac said...

Andy's song reminds me of Harriet. Sweet Harriet. Hard-hearted harbinger of haggus. Beautiful, bemused, belicose butcher. So knowing, so trusting, so lov-ed.

I don't have the gonads to comment any further..

Anonymous said...

In trying to download this KC, it seems like the link is for episode 1?

Greg said...

Thank you Anonymous, I have corrected the links -- it shouldbe all set now...

Margaret said...

This episode was the best yet! You Knobs are exciting! ...and if there's one thing that's true in this world, it's that there's nothing better than an excited Knob. At least, that's what Dad used to say.

I listen to Knobcast several times a day - a steady diet of Knobs morning, noon and night!

Keep up the good work!

Your Sincerely,

Margaret Mingington-Smythe, Mister