Sunday, September 27, 2009

Series 03 - Episode 01

Episode 01, Part 1
; in which features the triumphant return of the Knobs after a 10 month hiatus -- so triumphant they have to do the intro twice. In part 1 we discuss how sheer laziness prevented a stellar series 3; why Ed's fed up with the human race; if it's ok to hit kids to shut them up; how Greg came face to face with his own mortality; and we start a discussion about hair dyes and spray tans. (31:23 min.)

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Part 2; in which Greg is savaged for trying to retread topic ideas from 'casts past; a little bit of the acoustic version of the Knobcast themetune is essayed; a long discussion follows by Ed posing the question, "Do you think it's possible to determine if personalities mesh just by looking at a person?"; Andy threatens to quit several times; Ed and Greg get into a heated argument over photography; and
we resolve to make episode 2 a much higher quality product. (37:25 min.)

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divad sairf said...

Good start to series 3, guys. I think Ed might be talking about douche factor when judging people by their mannerisms, overall look, etc. Guys like Guy Fieri, Kevin Federline, Jon Gosselin...all can be identified as major DBs within seconds of seeing and/or hearing them.

Ed said...

THANK you, Divad ! It really is as simple as that... and thanks for listening and the kind feedback. Cheers.

b-mac said...

....and they're back!

I know exactly what Ed is talking about! I don't think it's a judgmental thing, it's just a vibe you get off someone. There's a science to it - "chemistry" if you will.

The Walmart story reminded me of my favorite TV commercial ..