Sunday, November 22, 2009

Series 03 - Episode 05

Episode 05, Part 1
in which Ed and Greg welcome a new guest co-host, part-time listener Miss Susan; we discuss our dinner at Rancho Chico in lovely downtown Plainville; Sue makes Greg recount the story of when he shat in his driveway; we dabble in Jewish racism; we play the "Hot or Not?" game, which devolves into a discussion on the female view of various sexual-related topics; and we wrap up part 1 with some pornography-related discussion. (48:41 min.)

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Part 2;
in which Sue refuses to welcome back listeners; we chat a bit on several different quick topics, and then have a loooonnnng, heated debate on tobacco lawsuits, drugs, helmet laws, seat belts, F-150 drivers, and prostitution; we then rap about Cougars, and age-related relationship issues; Ed waxes rhapsodical about texting; and we close with a few good-natured japes and jabs. Vul-va! (1:12:19 min.)

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Supplemental Media:

[Ethel Merman in 1934. Look at those gams!]

[The obnoxious Ford F-150]

[A Cougar, and lawsuit waiting to happen]


Anonymous said...

the broad is the only one making sense.

"The Broad" said...


KP said...

good thing Andy is coming back or else you would have had to rename this thing Mingecast

A Knobcast Host said...

"Why would I be a racist? I'm the Jew."

Tune in to Knobcast 2010 for more insightful comments on the ongoing effort to promote a more peaceful world.