Sunday, December 6, 2009

Series 03 - Episode 06

Episode 06, Part 1
in which Ed and Greg welcome back Andy to close out series 3 and 2009; Andy explains why he's been missing for 8 weeks; Ed debuts another foreign-language introduction; Andy talks a bit about his recent hair cut; we discuss how disgusting a beautiful woman can be before it's a deal breaker; a new advert is debuted; and Ed tries to psychologically deconstruct cheaters (not the Tiger Woods kind). (36:43 min.)

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Part 2; in which Greg debuts his version of the song Comin' Atcha (see the Odds and Sods section for a standalone version); Ed poses the question What is Art?; Ed poses another question If you could travel in time, which century would you visit and why? and takes a lot of flack for it; we do not sing Silent Night nor any other Xmas carol; Greg unfortunately brings up the topic of artificial minges as masturbation aids; and we close out the series with some holiday well-wishes for our listeners.
(54:33 min.)

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The Knobs visit Ri Ra in lovely downtown Providence:


divadsairf said...

Funny stuff...The re-imagining of "Comin 'atcha" was pretty good. RiRa's should pay you guys for the free video advert. Felt like one of those cheesy local commercials for a restaurant. Comin 'atcha was its saving grace though. Ed, no offense, but you look about 10 years older than Greg and Andy! I know that phrase "no offense" basically means the proceeding sentence will be offensive but I figured I state my observation anyway...Good job guys.

Ed (the old knob) said...

Wow, that's pretty harsh, Divad... I mean, I understand I'm carrying a few extra pounds (20? 30?) and a week's worth of facial growth - but 10 years? Ouch.

I get the hint, though. You've just got a penchant for young(er) lads. I can understand that.

Anyway, thanks for listening!

divadsairf said...

Hey Ed, it was just an observation based on the video. In person, you don't look that old. Maybe I was a little harsh on the years...No need to get your knickers in a bunch. The only penchant I have is for the minge. Real minge.

Geeza Ed said...

No worries Divad, I'm just takin' the piss...

March to the Sea said...

my thoughts and comments..

1) Why were you all shocked at the announcement of the impending baby Knob from Andy. I am not sure if the shock was for the listeners, but hope you really did are co-hosts after all.

2) Haircuts at the Foxy. I like the idea, but talk about a method of keeping women away. "Where do you get your hair done?" Oh..I get it done at the Foxy!". I am sorta keen on the idea though.

3) The Song - well done Greg. I liked the dual layers and the prog feel to it. Don't let the other knobs drag you down. You are the Paul Shafer (Sp?) of the 'Cast.

4) I couldn't get over of how Ed would said Orangutan. He would hit the "tan" hard...i think we are lazy of saying Orang-ah-tang so the hard "Tan" threw me for a loop.

5) As far as the "real doll" and "cleaning it". From what I have heard on the Stern show...they sell cleaners for it. I wouldn't know first hand as I don't have the kind of dough to purchase a lifelike rubber woman but even if I could afford one..where does one eve KEEP one when not in use?

Well done on the cast about a late winter "special" podcast?

Knob-the-Middling said...

divadsairf said...
"The re-imagining of "Comin 'atcha" was pretty good."

I know what you mean divad. Whereas Greg's take on Comin' Atcha is musically competent and is good in its own right, it lacks the melodious charm of the original. Greg put a lot of time into the music and it shows, but let's be honest, it's an entirely different song that merely stole the title and the lyrics from the original. I have requested that Greg change the title of his song to something different. Perhaps Comin' Atcha Too or Greg's Rimagined Comin' Atcha. He'll be hearing from my lawyers soon.

Greg said...

Hey Andy, if you check the Odds and Sods section, you'll see that I did name my version to "Comin' Atcha Too", so no worries. Keep your lawyers to yourself.

As far as the melodious charm of the original, I say it's the musical equivalent of an orangutan taking a picture for the reward of a raisin -- i.e., not very musical at all.

Greg said...

Good to see old March back in action, commenting too. Too bad there are no more episodes so we could slag him off...

Knob-the-Middling said...

Greg, you are a sad little man.

Cheers for changing the title. Bit uncalled for though, slagging of the original Casio keyboard demo like that... I put 2 hours of my heart and soul into that. What a corker of a toe tapper! Like a said, it's a different song. Most people will daresay prefer your version and maybe one day you'll write your own lyrics and make it entirely yours.

Fat, Old Ed said...

Alright, alright... take it easy, boys. That's not the holiday spirit the Knobs should be promoting.

Let's at least leave the petty bickering out of public view... we've got our image to uphold, afterall.

Cheers, March - Yes, we did know about Andy's impending sprog. However, since we don't have a live audience we sort of have to make do on our own, sometimes. For effect. Show-biz stuff, y'know?

I'll try and convince the other knobs to do an off-season special, or something. It's really quite a long lay-off until September.

Cindy said...

Hey Fellahs..

Fun! You aren't just stiff like most of the guys I know. Usually, it's just the same routine and it gets so hard after a while. I like how you come up with interesting topics and poke away at them from different angles. Nice :)

Cindy ({})

Little Theatre Student said...

OMG, I never knew that merely responding to an advert would open up a whole new world to me. You knobs are something else...

Bmac said...

Welcome back and congrats to Andy. Wow - what a difference a minge (or lack thereof) makes! Nice to hear the 3 knobs settle back into their familiar schtick. I barely made it through the high brow discussion of the sniffling beauty and the beauty to flatulence tolerance ratio - me oh my! However, there were some entertaining moments that even the knobless could enjoy. The song is very catchy and kudos to the theater student who was not frightened away by the lyrics!

Ed deserves credit for at least showing up with topics.. I wouldn't even dream of not preparing.. (oh.. wait a minute!)

Time travel? It does get you thinking.. My first reaction was "hell ya".. but then when I thought about it more, I decided it's not for me. I can't go back to a time where people were dirty and loaded with bugs, did their business in pots and dumped it out the window. Imagine having to kiss someone with rotting teeth? (Josephine Bonaparte's teeth were black.. black!!) The horror!! How about leprosy? That's a buzz kill, eh? I would love the opportunity to be a fly on the wall, but I would not want to live through it even for a day. This summer, I went on a tour of a victorian mansion. At the end, the guide asked if we'd rather be poor today, or rich in victorian times. The answer was overwhelmingly "poor today".

If you are into the topic that ensued (butterfly effect), i highly recommend the German movie "Run Lola Run".

The end of season 3 was just seconds away when Ed had to toss out an "m bomb" in the christmas song... ha! The artificial minge talk reminded me of a highly fascinating show (documentary) about men who "love" their dolls.. odd ducks... What's the fun in a playmate that has no choice? (or is getting paid for that matter!?!)

I think next year's Christmas song should be "we three knobs" (sung to "we three kings").. Better get going on the lyrics now since it will take you all year :)

Cheers and thank you for the MANY hours of entertainment!!

KP said...

have you knobends heard this crap?

I think you should sue.

I also agree with this: 凡走過必留下痕跡!不留言對不起你!
Although I would have said: 人生のノブ

Edward the Knob said...

I just have to say that it's quite a shame that this footage may be the last time we see any 'Bangers and Mash' at Ri Ra...

And that the beans have been eliminated from the B&M and the Irish Breakfast is simply a disgrace.

Greg and I have filled out a comment card, though, so hang tight everyone. Hang tight.

p.s. I can't wait for season 4 of Knobcast to start... can you??