Sunday, November 9, 2008

Series 02 - Episode 04

Episode 04, Part 1; in which the Knobs eat lunch somewhere other than Rancho Chico; we can't make a decision to save our lives; Andy poses a very offensive question; and we spend the last hilarious 25 minutes answering March to the Sea's five questions posed to us last month. (38:27 min.)

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Part 2; in which we explain how to download the Knobcasts and what you can do whilst listening to them on your iPods; we solicit donations from our fans; we reveal what the Knobs actually ended up doing on Halloween; and Ed regales us with an extremely fascinating story about the light over his stove, which turns into a story about ghosts and paranormal phenomena. (23:30 min.)

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DiVaD sAiRf said...


Those Ghost Hunters are local, out of Warwick, so you theoretically could get them to investigate your house. It would be funny if you did manage to get them to actually evaluate you house. I've DVR'd that show and, once in a while, they do catch something that's interesting but it's one of those shows that can be boiled down to 2-4 minutes when they show their "results".

JF said...

Yeah, that right click thing is like magic--now I ride to work in the morning with a carful o' Knobs!!

Keep up the good work!!

Greg said...

sweet! glad to see it worked out for you. spread the word!

knobs for life.

B-mac said...

Knobs - Once I got past the Deuce discussion, I found this episode rather enjoyable. I guess it really is better to give than to receive.

I think March's questions were fine.. If I were to play along I would say..

3 people
Barak Obama - he's just plain inspiring.
Karl Pilkington - would like to share some pints and listen to his "brilliance". i would want a witness though.
Mike Lowell - he seems like a giver.

3 bands (I do like some modern stuff, but these have stood the test of time with me!)
The Who
The Smiths
The Clash, The Cure, or Steely Dan ??

I'd gladly pack my bags for a year in Paris.

There are some good episodes of Ghost Hunters, but Ed didn't catch one of them. But, alas.. my Ghost Hunters viewing days are coming to an end. It was one of the only tolerable shows my 12 year watches. She no longer will watch Ghosthunters at night or in my house (but will at her dad's during the day). She claims there is a ghost chez nous who keeps knocking her shampoo off the shower shelf. If I told her about Ed's light she would probably go over the edge!

ed said...

Divad - yeah, I knew they were out of Warwick; I thought I had mentioned that but I guess that was off-mic at some point.

Nahh, I wouldn't want them trouncing through my house. Not worth the 'disturbance'... If I woke up one morning and the walls were covered in blood and there were skeletons breaking through my floors, maybe I'd think about it.

JF - glad you were able to get things going. look forward to your feedback!

Bmac - I was going to say Pilkington, as well, I just assumed he couldn't be bothered to meet up... as for Ghost Hunters, you may be better off. That nonsense can cloud your better judgement and play tricks!

thanks all...


p.s. check out that funky new header! whoo-hoo! Goin' UP-Town...

March to the Sea said...

well it has taken me a few days to dust myself off after the ass whooping laid down by
our hosts.

For me, the low point was when each of you wondered aloud if I was a a moron or not...and the 15+ seconds
of "dead air" sort of sealed the deal. I could hear crickets echoing around the dome.

Overall I thought the answers to the questions were pretty good..nothing really surprised me though for some reason.

We just want to know the knobbers a little better.

Curious to hear what comes next...