Sunday, October 26, 2008

Series 02 - Episode 03

Episode 03, Part 1; in which Ed channels his inner Trey Parker; we discuss what Beauty is, and if it's gay or not; we discuss Gayness and Gay Theory; we discuss what the Knobs will be doing for Halloween; we encourage listeners to leave some comments; and close with the chord progression to 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room'. (29:16 min.)

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Part 2; in which we discuss road rage and road rage related issues; a brief rendition of the 'Snuff Box' themetune is presented; a brief mention of pot noodles and wanking is made; we do a 10-minute closing discussion on cliffhangers and what's upcoming for episode 4; and get played out with a little Korki Bucek. (28:31 min.)

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The lovely Aldona Novak:

The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room:

Ice Floe Song:


kp said...

What's even worse is the people who are dicks in the middle lane. Once I was doing 70+ in a 65 while I was in the middle lane. Not a car was in sight in the passing lane and this douchebag comes up behind me and rides my tail for a good 3 miles. I am perfectly fine with moving over if I'm in the passing lane and I'm not going fast enough for you, but if I'm going over the speed limit in the middle lane and you don't like it and don't want to pass me, well then you can just go fuck yourself. So this asshole finally decides to pass me and I stick my arm out the window and flip him the bird because he needs to know I think he sucks. He blows by me but then slows down after he sees my finger so he can tell me what he thinks. I don't care though so I just put up my window and ignored him and he went away. Suffice it to say the ladyfriend in the passenger seat didn't like that one. Felt good to me though.

b-mac said...

dear talented and witty knobs.. oh - and may i add good lookin' and humble too!

here's a link to a disturbing road rage incident
crazy brits! (sorry andy!)

aldona novak? sorry, i don't see it... but that did not stop me from googling her to see if perhaps someone else caught her in a more flattering light.. no such luck.. but i noticed a certain blog came up as the 4th hit.. maybe she will google herself and contact that blogger just like eva goddoghskdirkskskonmmjriiirrr did!

ed's "up your rear?" was gold!!

bing bang - b-mac!