Monday, October 13, 2008

Series 02 - Episode 02

Episode 02, Part 1; in which features the triumphant return of Andy and a discussion of the reason for his original departure; Ed and Andy get their nerd on and discuss some MMORPGing; we rap about some listener email and topic suggestions; and Ed gets savaged for a poor topic idea. (30 min.)

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Part 2; in which Greg debuts his cover version of Howard Moon's avant-garde performance piece "Pies"; we attempt to have a meaningful discussion on public nudity; we discuss whether or not shaved heads on females are attractive; and end with a few meandering bits and bobs. (25 min.)

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Div Kid said...

I was offended by some of the content in your so-called "Knobcast". Anyone who ejoys your show has questionable taste and should do something better with their life. Nevertheless, you went to the "trouble" of creating this podcast, so the least I could do in return was leave you this honest comment. Thank you.

Fisher Price Hair Man said...

What's the matter, Div Kid? Did someone refuse to give you morning milk, and you're all cranky now? Go have a wank to Peak Practise and all will be well. Thank you.

Arse-faced Weasel said...

i thought the episode was Knob-tacular.

weasel-faced arse said...

i agree with div kid. this podcast is rude and juvenile. p.s. more minge please!

March to the Sea said...

funny..that knobcast ended right about the 22 minute mark...right after I was deficated on.

I'll try to come up with something for you knobbers to bicker over.

March to the Sea said... are 5 questions you can answer.

1) You can each meet 3 persons and have lunch, or party, record a song with..whatever..they are yours for a day. Which three do you choose? (no dead people..sorry)

2) What are you all time 3 favorite bands? It can be in no order..but honestly what 3 bands do you feel are your "go to". Solo artists are fine.

3) You are given one year to live and work anywhere in the world. Where do you choose and why?

4) What are your three favorite curse words?

5) You are able to take ONE illegal drug and only experience the greatest of "highs" from it. You won't hurt anyone, or yourself, become an addict, be arrested etc. You can take it..get the great "high" and snap your fingers to come out of it with out any complications. What drug to you try?

Lets see if that gets me back in the good graces of the asshats that run this site..whoops was that out loud?