Saturday, November 22, 2008

Series 02 - Episode 05

Welcome to a very special "sexy" episode. Please keep any children under the age of 13 away from this one, due to extremely adult and graphic content.

Episode 05, Part 1; in which we take on a new sponsor, Centerfield's, in lovely downtown Canton, MA; Andy poses the deep philosophical question, "What's the attraction to 'barely legal' porn?"; Andy reminisces about a neighborhood burlesque show he attended as a child; and a discussion on Hefner and the Playboy ethos is initiated. (30:02 min.)

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Part 2; in which we finish the Playboy discussion; we rap about female genitalia; Andy reminisces about a childhood schoolteacher; Ed reminisces about his 1st-grade schoolteacher;
Greg reminisces about '70's style pubes; an interesting mention is made about Gabe Kaplan's head; another request is made for viewer-submitted fotos; and we close out with some good-natured bickering and arguing. (32:44 min.)

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DiVaD sAiRf said...

Greg, the Grizzly Adams look is over and gets in the way, so, get used to the narrow landing strips and Brazilian waxes. Too much bush can take away from the beauty that is minge.

Andy, your childhood friend's sister sounds like a freak, makes your childhood sound like a Judd Apatow movie. Here's the movie title: Bangers. Covers the Brit and sex angles at once. Better get moving on pitching it to Apatow!

Ed, How do you know what a dirty sanchez is and not know what reverse cowgirl is? Believe or not, the Cosmopolitan mag sometimes is a good resource for positional suggestions. My wife used to subscribe and once in while, there would be "kama sutra" articles that rate the difficulty and effectiveness of various positions.

Barbara Bush said...

my eyes are just a little bit sweaty today...

i AM cryin' :(

the way andy said, "she must be 43" wounded me deeply! i am so depressed right now as i realize my chances of ever finding a man at my very advanced age are pretty much non-existant. so, i may as well forget about taking care of the southern territory altogether and just let nature take over :(

Andy said...

Hi Barbara Bush, don't put your minge out to pasture just yet. The "she must be 43" line simply meant that 30 years have passed since I last saw her. There's an element of the unknown there. 30 years can be kind to some people and utterly ravaging to others. I think I said it would depend... meaning I'd like to see how she's holdin' up first before making a decision one way or the other. So dry those eyes and for the love of God tame that bush. Andy

Mrs. Melo said...


I was so touched to hear that you still remember me after all these years. To be honest, I have never stopped thinking about you and the way, after each recess, you would always line up so well--quiet and tall, like I would tell all my students.

You don't know this, but your finger-painting skills would get me through long lonely Saturday nights back then; thinking about you finger-painting all the special places on my body. Nary a piece of abstract art passes before my eyes without your image coming to mind.

Keep up the good work on KnobCast. Please remember, that the letter "C" can often sound like a "K". That always did trip you up.

All the best,

Mrs. Melo

PS I hope your penmanship has improved!

barbara bald-win said...

abstract art? i think mrs. melo has been networking the void!! that explains the piece of art resembling ressembles her untamed forest..