Sunday, December 2, 2007

Series 01 - Episode 06

Welcome to the last episode of series 01. The Knobcasters will be on hiatus for the holidays while they do all their present shopping and wrapping. Until the new year then, enjoy.

Part One: In which Andy reveals his first upcoming starring role in a porn film, we discuss our thoughts on the holiday season (both religious and secular), we argue for a bit on immigration and bilingual education, and Andy regales us with a story of his childhood. (33:38 min.)

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Part Two: In which Greg is shocked by some female listener feedback, Ed makes a little shoutout, the Knobcasters attempt to perform a Christmas carol, and we discuss holiday tune (and food) favourites, although Ed is bitterly savaged for the topic idea. (26:09 min.)

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Bonus Feature: The knobcasters return later the same evening for some more caroling, with a shocking conclusion.

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divad said...

Greg, you are absolutely right about bilingual teaching. My parents immigrated here about 40 years ago and they can't stand the idea. They and my grandfather learned English and didn't look for a cop out like that. Every other group of people that came here did the same thing, Portuguese, Italians, Chinese, Indian , etc.

Why not the Spanish speaking immigrants? It's even affecting kids toys now...Why is it that every freaking toy has to have an option to choose how the toys speaks (Spanish and English)?

A person can be proud of their heritage without having to only speak the associated language. Nobody ever said it would be easy but it's something that has to be done to take full advantage of the land of everybody else did.

Tabachnikoff said...

I'm offended your ramblings, you didn't mention Canada, eh? soon you forget your Canadian Knobs! While I think it is imperative to learn the primary language where you live and work, it reminds me of a good joke I used to hear when I lived up in the great white north. It goes something like...What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages... trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages...bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language...American. Maybe thats why I left only speaks one language.

divad said...

well, tabachnikoff, you're probably right about some Americans (especially those ignorant turds with the confederate flags waving) but it pisses me off to no end. Stop taking handouts and make an actual effort.

Put it this way, why come here only to completely limit yourself to washing dishes for the rest of your life and then continue the cycle of shit by buying toys that speak Spanish to your kids and letting them learn everything in Spanish? Greg had it right:

1. The immigrants work menial jobs while making an honest effort to learn English.

2. Push the kids to do well in school so they don't have to work those kinds of jobs.

3. The 1st gen kids now become educated adults and teach their kids to do even better than they did while reminding them where their family came from and worked to get them where they are.

Every culture has been able to do it and even some with a drastically different native language like Chinese. I can tell you Portuguese isn't all that different than Spanish and plenty of people have been able to succeed going through that process without having shit handed to them.

divad said...


great stuff. The skit at the end was pretty funny but what happened to the theme song?

Greg said...

In re. the theme song. We essentially ran out of time to craft a cut-down version for the beginning of the 'cast. I'd say go ahead and listen to your downloaded versions for now, and look for it to be up and running in Series 02.

Knobs 4 life.

March to the Sea said...

Where does one begin.

Wanted to hear more about the bastardization of the holidays. Greg is always saying how much he dislikes this time of year..i wanted him to take the lead on this.

The language thing I agree on. I think it would be easier if English was the primary language and like you said our parents parents came here not knowing perhaps a lick of English but set up shop and made do with what they had. Pay the taxes and learn the language. I'd be expected to do that if I moved elsewhere.

As far as who wanted to hear the list of Christmas songs *waves hands*. Honestly though that McCartney Christmas song is the WORST Christmas song of all time. Come on..this dude freaking wrote some of the best music possibly every recorded and we are regated to "Simp-lee having a wonderful christmas time" Uggggh. I just threw up in my mouth a litte.

re: 2girls one cup...i have been doing everything I can to NOT see that freaking clip. A wise man once said "Once you see it you can't Unsee it" so I'd rather just go with my gut here and skip this one. I have seen my fair share of crazy stuff..big question..perhaps for Knobs in 2008 is to discuss who such films cater to and why things need to go this far. What happened to a little you know "in out" the old fashioned way.

For 2008 tackle the year in review from music to film to politics (but make that a second part so I skip it totally).

To 2008 and beyond

Finally what is with Ed and taking off his pants....

divad said...


I just watched that 2 girls and a cup video and that was the sickest, most horrifying thing I have ever and will ever see. Andy, I think your warning wasn't emphatic enough, so, here is mine:


beemack said...

Episode 6 is your best episode to date. The theme song introduced in episode 5 was awesome. Missed it this time around. I must say, the picture is fantastic.

Enjoyed the holiday rant and agree wholeheartedly.Let's forget the gift nonsense, get together with family/friends and decorate the place to perk things up a bit now that the landscape is dead and it gets dark too early. Ed, good call on the decorating. Let's stick to something tasteful involving assorted greens and modest lighting. Inflatables should be banned and there should be a fine imposed for anyone who leaves their Christmas lights up beyond January (double fines if they're those icicle lights hanging down from the gutter!) I enjoy an occasional Christmas carol now and then, but it is out of control when there are at least two stations in Boston that play Christmas music ONLY starting before Thanksgiving.

Greg is right on regarding bilingual education. Many immigrants (Italians, French Canadians, Greeks, Polish, Portuguese to name a just a few), managed to succeed without being catered to. It's almost insulting to the Spanish speakers to treat them as if they can't do the same. I think bilingual education holds them back since it slows down the assimilation. In response to Ed's comment about highly educated people's contribution to our society even if they don't speak English... I say the chances are pretty darn good these people will learn English fairly quickly if they plan on staying in the States for any considerable time.

Andy's story about the "N" word was pretty funny. Was the "N" word ever accepted? I think it was always hateful, so I can see why it's "forbidden". What I do not get is taking a term that is "pc" one day, and making it "non pc" the next. For example, "Black" vs "African American". Why suddenly is "Black" wrong when "White" is still ok? As a paler/fairer person, should I take offense when I'm called "White"? I asked a Dominican friend who looks like an African American whether he is African American. He explained he is not since he does not share that culture. He considers himself Hispanic. What is Hispanic? Is it true that Hispanics have various skin tones and are linked by a language? Are Spaniards Hispanic? What is the deal with that?

Strange to hear there was more outrage over the lovely jeans/heels combo than there was over using verses to promote fellatio, the hagometer, or the the time travel/perfect mate breeding scheme.. (one of my personal "favorites"). I don't buy the "my high heels are necessary because my pants are too long" excuse. My theory is these people are wearing high heels to look taller and slimmer, but don't want to be too obvious. So, they wear extra long pants to conceal the heels somewhat, hoping to enhancing the delusion of being naturally tall and slender. It's all part of the "plan"...

Good episode all around... huge improvement since the very first knobcast. This listener votes for you to continue with Series 2 after the holidays. Hope Andy pulls through...

tabachnikoff said...

Dave, Was that only a 2 minute clip? Seemed like hours to me! I choose to believe it was chocolate ice cream...there is no way in hell...enough said.

Good stuff guys. But, I'm with March of the Sea (what does that mean anyways?), more Christmas trashing! Chanukah rules, Santa drools! My wife makes my poor kids sit on that stinky old guy too! Makes them believe that if they sit on his lap and look happy, that he's going to come down our chimney with gifts! I doubt that guy could make it up our walkway without fracturing a hip! And then there are those horrible songs for a month and the three million fliers in my mail slot! Oh, and the six months of bills...And I can't even get to Target to buy diapers without waiting in a line full of people with toys and wiis...Ok, I'm done!

So when Ed's stream hit the equipment, did that fry him too? Will next season feature Greg talking to himself?? Stay tuned!

greg said...

yo b-mack, what up?

i find the question of what to call each other a fascinating topic. we have an almost overwhelming urge to label and categorize objects. it's not enough to call ourselves citizens of planet earth and leave it at that. we must drill down through category after category until we get to what we think of as the "meat" of the situation. so, i'm not a human being, i'm a

homo sapien-->male-->religiously agnostic-->ethnically italian/swedish-->culturally american-->"white"

person. That gets across most of the important bits that people seem to care about and go to war over.

of course, I think all this will be irrelevent sometime in the (relatively) near future. As the world gets smaller and smaller, and miscegenation (in the truest sense of the word) becomes more the norm than the exception, hopefully there will be less differences in terms of ethnic purity and religious beliefs to fight over. when someone is a genetic mix of five different races, what do you call them? is it even relevant? to some bigots, apparently.

of course, i may be an idealist, and love the idea of cultural and ethnic diversity, but the reality is that human nature being human nature, if there exists a difference, people will fight over it, often to the death.

beemack said...

Miscegenation - impressive ;-) I love an opportunity to whip out a cool word like that myself! That took me back to social studies class! Only we learned it was "marriage" between different races, as opposed to it's truest meaning - naturally !!

I agree. My primary reason for being against organized religion is because it gives us an excuse to hate and kill someone we don't even know... Plus, I believe religion was invented by the "haves" to keep the "have nots" happy with their sorry lot in life... "Oh, you are suffering now on earth, but just wait till you get to heaven ... it's gonna be GREAT"... Meanwhile, please keep working away like a dog for me and expect nothing!

March to the Sea said...


Viszlát Sjáumst said...

workin' on it...