Saturday, November 17, 2007

Series 01 - Episode 05

Part One: In which we debut the new Knobcast themetune (see the Odds and Sods section in the sidebar to download a higher resolution version), a few new shoutouts are done, Ed tells us about the fatal flaw in the upcoming hydrogen-based economy, Andy has an encounter with a Knobcast fan, and Greg makes a few observations about women's volleyball. (29:42 min.)

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Part Two: In which we discuss the nature and proper functioning of the Hag-O-Meter , Greg's ego gets a bit out of control, we tackle the sensitive issue of breastfeeding in public, and Ed removes his metaphorical conservative bowtie with disastrous consequences. (41:40 min.)

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March to the Sea said...

bah...archive is a dog right now.

*scurries to get a cup of decaf**

March to the Sea said...

thoughts on part 1.

The theme is great..i thought there was going to be "another" verse actually. the length of that is cool.

thanks for the shout out..
*raises mug*

I also did chuckle when Andy mentioned his favorite postion was "libero" (sp) as well.

On to part 2....

March to the Sea said...

Part 2 done -

Ed going nuts was the highlight. No offense but the ladies are going to eat him alive on that one.

Hag O-Meter stuff was good...that happens everywhere..its even worse at concerts where 2 minutes before the band goes on they arrive with their light beers and camera phones..thank god you can't smoke in bars..cuz these knobs (no offense) would have more than one Benson and Hedges going.

Do you folks take show topic suggestions? Yes, no? Well I have one..

The holidays..from Gift Swapping in the office, to swapping w/loved tv specials and radio stations that play nothing but christmas music from before thanksgiving on...let the rants begin!

Tabachnikoff said...

Wow...where to begin...Lets see, I'd first like to say thanks for omitting the damaging segment at Divad's and my expense. What an imagination you have there Greg! Concerning the hydrogen discussion, I haven't laghed that hard since the last time I watched Young Frankenstein! Flooding the world with our must work for OPEC! And lets not forget...kill the children! Maybe next time you guys can discuss "kids on planes" and "kids in restaurants"! Or the need for diaper changing stations in public restrooms. Maybe we can get Ed completely naked! Kill them all! Labor and delivery, what a waste of space!
Good stuff guys! I love it when Ed goes off!

tabachnikoff said...

Oh, I almost forgot...I just wanted to clarify the function of a mother's room. It does not exist for mothers to breast feed their kids, but for mothers to pump breastmilk in lieu of bringing their kids in to work. Unlike a Polish volleyball, it's something better kept behind closed doors...

DIVAD said...

Hey guys,

Great stuff. I have to second Tababchnikoff's statement of thanks for omitting the damaging segment. Greg, you sometimes have a warped imagination! You know when Ed was starting his argument against hydrogen cars, I thought that he was going to discuss the potential for much more horrific accidents given the volatile state of hydrogen and the potential for mushroom clouds on the highways.

No, not Ed, Ed's worried about finding the last piece of land on Earth, growing gills and filtering urine into drinkable water like Costner's character did in Waterworld!

Onto Ed's rant about breastfeeding and kids overall... Was Ed denied his mom's teet as an infant and has become bitter about it? I guess the scientists better get cracking on developing fully grown adult clones to continue the human race if Ed had his way.

The Hag-O-Meter discussion was really funny and the theme is catchy...much better than I thought it was going to be. The production quality is really good.

Greg, watch "Knocked Up" and tell me you still would like to see what's like to boink a preggo...

Ed should stay in "Pissed off, I hate everyone with kids" mode during the knobcast. Comedy gold....

Greg said...

hey "divad", who are you to make fun of ed's warped view of hydrogen cars? maybe if you hadn't been fourth choice as a member of the knobcacst crew, you wouldn't be such a bitter and angry person.

and oh, i DID see Knocked Up. seth rogen was a bit of a bow-tied wimp in my opinion, if he couldn't manage to make love to such a sweet-looking and gorgeous pregnant woman....

DIVAD said...

Greg, I'm was not trying to be high and mighty. I am just pointing out what I was thinking when Ed was talking about those topics.

About "Knocked Up": You are right, Rogen shouldn't have had problems making love with such a gorgeous woman, pregnant or not. I was just pointing out that the thought about a kid being inches away from his chrum have to be buried deep in the back of your mind, otherwise, it could ruin the moment.

Hydrogen Hater said...

Hydrogen is possibly the stupidest "source" of fuel that can be used in automobiles. And the "water world" is possibly the stupidest conversation about hydrogen cars ever... besides who wouldn't want to live in a Waterworld.

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