Saturday, November 3, 2007

Series 01 - Episode 04

Due to technical difficulties at our previous mypodcast host, we unveil our new home here at Blogger. And in addition, our first 'cast in stereo! Listen for Greg left-channel, Ed dead-center, and Andy out in right field.

This week, we divided the knobcast into two parts for easier listening. Part One involves a wide range of discussions, from South Park and dry balls, Ed's gazebo and rotunda tour, Andy's obsession with viewer-submitted fotos of themselves, Greg's incomprehension with fat people squeezing themselves into jeans and tube tops, all the way to prancing aging rock stars. (28:10 min.)

Streaming feed:

Download Part One .mp3 file. (27.1mb)

Part Two: in which Greg shoutouts to "three finger" Brown, we discuss Ed's overly restrictive conservatism and penchant for bowties, coffee and fat blokes in Cadillacs, and finally tell the full story of Greg's (virtual) encounter with Eva Dögg Guðmundsdóttir. (33:33 min.)

Streaming feed:

Download Part Two .mp3 file. (32.4mb)


divad said...


what is your obsession with knocking one out...Apparently, Cartman isn't the only one with gay tendencies...Here's your code name: Summer's Eve.

andy said...


impressed with your one-handed typing. keep it up son.


March to the Sea said...

few things.
1. Like that its broken in to 2 parts..if you guys do that again can you say "we are about to wrap up part 1? Might be a good time for the "old clock on the wall comment" and tell us to turn the record over etc..

Andy asked where do I listen..I used Innetechs T1 today to listen.

I like how Ed seems so offended w/the south park stuff..greatness.

On to pt2.

tabachnikov said...

What can I say...I liiiike! Especially the dry balls discussion!! Frankly, I'm just happy I wasn't included in any shout outs! Niiiice!

divad said...

South Park has had a good run recently, Le Petit Tourettes (cartman using tourettes as an excuse to swear)...More Crap (bono = shite)...imagination land trilogy. Good stuff.