Monday, January 1, 2001

Ri Ra and Lovely Downtown Providence

Some fotos of the famous Irish pub, Ri Ra; the nosh eaten therein; and the surrounding lovely downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Go on and click the images for super-sized larger versions.

[The world-famous Ri Ra pub]

[Andy's Bangers & Mash]

[Greg's Shepherd's Pie]

[Ed's world-famous Irish Breakfast]

[Lovely downtown Providence, RI]

[More lovely downtown Providence]

[Yet more lovely downtown Providence]


lee-yah said...

corona with shepherd's pie? an outrage! do you drink a cherry coke with your foie gras?

Greg said...

lee-ya, please see this post as a response to your ill-mannered comment:

The Myth of Guinness

Ed said...

Not even close, mistah... you have no idear what you're talking about.

lee-yah said...

i never even mentioned guinness. if it was a bottle of sam adams next to that delicious looking dish, it would not have evoked such a reaction. but corona? - the inferior beer brewed for the masses to be consumed at gatherings where quantity and not quality rule the day? that is another story!

Greg said...

it's less about the beer, but the snobbery of the person pointing it out. that's what the article was trying to say. taste is subjective, and those that prance about braying to the world that this beer is best, or this wine is best, are only pointing out their own idiocies and inadequacies.

i'd have to say, if i was making my own subjective judgement, that you, lee-yah, are a twat and a knob-end.

Andy said...

He's not the one drinking Corona with shepherd's pie...